The Company’s objects are:

(a) To provide and manage a Forum for the residents in West Christchurch, Dorset (herein after referred to as “the Area”) and to provide facilities for the exchange of information and views on matters concerning the Area including (without limitation) the protection of local civic amenities, the general welfare of residents, traffic, speeding, local schools, parking issues in and around the Area;

(b) To investigate and identify the needs of the Area and to represent, promote and further the interests of residents in the Area as a whole and of any such individual residents or groups of residents;

(c) To collaborate with, assist, advise, consult, make representations to and lobby Christchurch Borough Councillors and Officers, businesses, organisations and bodies, governments, local authorities, local education authorities, colleges, schools, educational institutions and bodies, local, national and international environmental groups, organisations, institutions and bodies, and other individuals, bodies, groups, institutions and organisations of all kinds on any matters raised by residents in the Area;

(d) To collect, collate, organise, use, distribute, disseminate and make available data, statistics, financial and other information in paper, electronic or other forms and to arrange, develop, participate in and promote conferences, seminars, lectures, public meetings, training courses, study days, members’ events and other events of all kinds;

(e) To print, publish and distribute journals, reports, magazines, newsletters, periodicals, bulletins, press releases, books, surveys and other items whether in paper, audio, visual, multi-media or other electronic form or any other form whatsoever; and

(f) To commission, hire, engage, retain and employ companies, partnerships and firms, professional and technical advisers and staff of every kind in connection with the objects of the Company and to pay reasonable and proper remuneration or fees for their services.